Monday, December 15, 2008

Tarangire National park

Day 3

After an early breakfast, we drive through Arusha town towards Tarangire Ntl. Park. (2 hours) Afternoon game drive in the park. Tarangire Ntl . Park is known for it's diverse and wild landscape. Most famous for it's elephants, it's a wonderful place to get close to these giants. In addition to many elephants, Tarangire this will offer us the best chance to see giant rock pythons. Silali swamp will be somewhat dry, forcing the giant pythons out of their habitat so as not to get stepped on by migrating herds. The park will be choked with a high concentration of animals as the surrounding landscape will be enduring the dry season. There is always water in Tarangire, and the herds, along with many predators, remember.  Tarangire is also one of the few places with wild dogs. They remain extremely elusive.