Monday, December 15, 2008

Buffalo Luxury Camp

Day 11 ,12, 13, 14 Buffalo Luxury Camp, Loliondo

Loliondo is a game controlled area outside the Serengeti National Park. It is part of the Serengeti ecosystem even though it is not part of the park. It is a very remote area. Visitors get more intimate interactions with the Maasai due to less tourists visiting the area. Ol Donyno Lengai volcano, sacred to the Maasai, is also in this area. The volcano has been putting on a show lately. Hopefully it will be in full display when we visit. Loliondo is also one of the last places to find wild dogs. This rare African animal is always a treat to see in the wild.

11. Drive to the northern area of the Serengeti along the Mara River in hopes of seeing wildebest and zebra trying to elude Nile Crocodiles as they cross. 

12. Early morning visit to a Maasai village in time to watch the women and children preparing the goats and cattle for grazing. Lunch at camp and afternoon game walk. Night game drive this evening!

13. Game drive all day.

14. Early game drive, travel to the Kleins airstrip to fly back to Arusha. Shopping spree at the Cultural Heritage Center, day room at the Arumeru Lodge. Relax, repack and prepare for the return trip.


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